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Handstand tips
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For many, the handstand can be seen as the Holy Grail of yoga postures…. it’s fun, challenging, builds up strength, stability and balance; not to mention that it looks pretty cool when you can finally pull … Read More

Filming A Sun Salutation
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Good fun filming four variations of an Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation a few days ago. This sun salutation traditionally begins an Ashtanga Yoga practice and is repeated 5 times, holding each downward facing dog for 5 … Read More

Pudsey Wellbeing Centre Yoga
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I’m resuming teaching a one hour beginner’s class every Wednesday (starting 8th February) from 6-7pm at the Wellbeing Centre in Pudsey (Robin Lane, LS287BR). For more information please click on the link here for the Wellbeing … Read More

Adho Mukha Vrksanana: Yoga Handstand
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I was curious how long I could hold a handstand for while filming some online yoga lessons earlier this week. . . . .

Outtakes 2015/16
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A little of what goes on behind the scenes, plus a few things that didn’t quite go as planned . . . .  

The Copper Yogi
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Earlier this year (2016) I was in a short film called The Copper Yogi, about a homeless man who discovers yoga. Written and directed by Alan Livesey and filmed in Preston, UK the film is due … Read More