Sri K Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) counting through the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series with the traditional Sanskrit counted method. Pattahbi Jois was an indian yoga teacher (fondly referred to as Guruji by his students) whole developed the popular vinyasa style of yoga, know as Ashtanga Yoga. In 1948 he set up the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India which to this day continues to attract thousands of keen Ashtanga students a year from all over the world. 

I edited the audio from a 1992 YouTube video of Pattabhi Jois directing 6 students through the primary series- to bring it up-to-date with how a primary series would currently be counted through in Mysore, India today (e.g. back then there was no Parsvakonasa B, a few of the Sanskrit counts have changed slightly, and I extended it slightly- from 1 hour 10 minutes to one hour and 25 minutes).

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And use the links below for free PDFs of this sequence; this will help you start memorising it over time.

sun sals and standing

primary series postures

finishing sequence

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