A 70 minute Ashtanga-based yoga class filmed at the Yoga Space, Leeds in 2014. If you would like to come to a class sometime here at the Yoga Space, then click here to visit the website with the current schedule.

Although this is a beginner’s class, it’s probably worth checking out the beginner’s course first if you haven’t done any yoga before at all; and then come back to this longer practice a little later. For more details of the beginner’s course, click here.

Based on the ashtanga yoga tradition this practice comprises Sun salutations A and B; key standing postures; a selection of primary series seated postures linked by the vinyasa; finishing postures, and savasana (relaxation) to finish.

Clear instructions are given, and see other yoga students moving through this practice- if you would like the PDFS that go with this specific sequence, please click here.

An audio MP3 is available on request- contact me and I’ll be happy to send you a link, so you can download it for easy offline use with the PDFs.

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Thank you 🙏🏽 and enjoy being on your yoga mat!