Welcome to this exciting 3 month course- 1 lesson a week for 13 weeks in May-July 2020

Nearly all the resources on this website are free and available to everyone but if you would like to donate something towards this 13 week course then that would be much appreciated using the Paypal link below. Whatever the amount, thank you. And if you’re unable to donate anything at this time, that’s ok, the links to the lessons are below

If you’ve never done any yoga before it’s probably a good idea to do at least one of the beginners course on this website as this course will take you from the very first Sun Salutation that begins this challenging 90 minute sequence, all the way through to the last seated posture.

I’ll be teaching you as this system of yoga was traditionally taught- by adding on new postures each week and building up your practice. The idea is for you to repeat the lesson around 4 or 5 times during the week and if you feel ready to move on after a week you can do so to the next lesson. 

After 3 months you’ll have a great overview of this Ashtanga Yoga system, but don’t expect to be able all the postures perfectly to begin with- I’ll be giving lots of alternatives if you feel you need them. You’ll find your yoga practice continues to evolve long after you’ve finished this course. 

Each lesson comes with a corresponding PDF guide with additional advice and suggestions and if you have any comments or questions you can get in touch with me using the contact page. Click on the orange links below; good luck, and enjoy being on your yoga mat 🙏🏽

Week 1 Lesson 1 (May 15th 2020)

Week 2 Lesson 2 (May 22nd 2020)

Week 3 Lesson 3 (May 29th 2020)

Week 4 Lesson 4 (June 5th 2020)

Week 5 Lesson 5 (June 12th 2020)

Week 6 Lesson 6 (June 19th 2020)

Week 7 Lesson 7 (June 26th 2020)

Week 8 Lesson 8 (July 3rd 2020)

Week 9 Lesson 9 (July 10th 2020)

Week 10 Lesson 10 (July 17th 2020)

Week 11 Lesson 11 (July 24th 2020)

Week 12 Lesson 12 (July 31st 2020)

Week 13 Lesson 13 (August 7th 2020)

PDF Folder (updates each week with corresponding lesson)