Currently all classes are online, through Zoom, as from January 2021:

University of Leeds, Monday 5-6.30pm (open level Ashtanga Yoga) and Thursday 3-4pm (open level Power Yoga)
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Yoga Kula Leeds, Thursday 6-7pm (open level Ashtanga Yoga)
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Heather Yoga, Sunday 8-9am (open level Ashtanga Yoga)
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Currently no Zoom classes of my own but classes on Monday 17th August 2020 were recorded: use the links below
And plenty of videos on this website to keep you going 


All level Ashtanga-based class


Login to your class 5-10 mins before the start time


Please read before your class:


If you have any underlying health concerns or if you’re ensure whether to embark on a yoga practice please check with your doctor first

Ideally you’ll need a yoga mat, but a camping mat or something similar should suffice (make sure you won’t slip on it, so socks off either way); wear loose comfortable clothing and make sure you have enough space around you

If yoga is new to you then just jump in and give the beginners class a go; Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic yoga system that links breath with movement- it’s both challenging and fun, but take it nice and steady to begin with

Do only what feels appropriate each week and listen to your body- remember this is fundamentally a breathing exercise- so if you want to miss out any postures, that’s OK: just keep breathing!

Ideally switch on your webcam during the class so I might be able to give you some feedback (plus I can make sure you’re not doing anything that looks unsafe)

If you are unable to donate for your class at this time that’s ok, just take as many classes as you like; in these challenging times yoga can help 

Zoom (or Skype) one to one sessions are available if you would like an individual lesson, please use the Contact Me button below; or get in touch if you have any comments or questions about anything

Please tell your friends about these Monday evening Zoom yoga classes and enjoy being on your yoga mat 🙏🏼