On this page you can purchase the unique never-before-seen Ashtanga Primary Series as a “moving PDF” using PayPal.
It is currently selling for £10 but as you are already supporting the website it is available to you half price: so just £5

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
With information for every posture, movement and breath

The complete Ashtanga Primary Series with the traditional Sanskrit count.

An invaluable resource for all Ashtanga Yoga practitioners and teachers. 

Drishti (gaze), sanskrit number, posture name and breath displayed on the screen in real time.

This is also suitable for beginners as modifications are shown for all postures.  

After payment you will receive an email link to download all the files- please allow a little time for the email link to come through.

This includes the main video file, PDF posture guides and an MP3 audio file.

Also a private link to the entire sequence on YouTube (no adverts!) with an introduction to the practice and a guided savasana to finish.

If you don’t have PayPal and/or would prefer to receive a copy of the files on a 2GB memory stick via a postal service then contact me through the website for more details or click here.

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