A gentle 25 minute yoga practice suitable for beginners, and all levels.

It’s lovely to be able to practice yoga outside, though not always possible in England; but this sequence was filmed early one summer morning in May 2017. The practice begins with some gentle warm ups, leading into Sun Salutations, with plenty of variations. Next are a selection of standing postures, seated postures, followed by some finishing postures, and relaxation.

There are many physical benefits to this yoga practice, which can include: increased flexibility and muscle strength; improved respiration and circulation; a boost in energy and vitality; weight reduction; an improvement in cardio ability; protection from injury; and a more efficient immune system. In addition there are psychological benefits: yoga can increase cognitive mental functions, as well as reduce stress and anxiety by cultivating a more mindful quality throughout the yoga practice. This is achieved by using the time on the yoga mat to focus awareness inwards towards the breath, to keep the mind steady and calm; anchored more in the present moment.

Click here and here for the two PDF posture guide to accompany this practice; and as always, if you would like me to send you the audio MP3 of this sequence (you could then practice “off line”, additionally using the PDF) then click here to send me a request.

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Thank you 🙏🏽 and enjoy being on your yoga mat!