A 50 minute yoga sequence with clear audio and visual instructions. This is a flowing yoga sequence with music that moves from gentles warm up postures, to sun salutations with variations; followed by a sequence of standing postures, then seated postures. And a gentle relaxation to finish. What better way to start your day?

If you’ve never done any yoga before it might be a good idea to start with some of the Beginner Yoga classes on this website first, and then come back to this Improver level Yoga Jam at a later date. But remember, whatever your level, just do whatever feels appropriate from day to day- this is about direction of movement and not necessarily being in a specific physical position.

Whatever type of yoga you’re practising- Ashtanga, Hatha, or this Yoga Jam sequence, the benefits come not only from moving through this physical practice to increase strength, flexibility and balance; but additionally cultivating a quieter and calmer quality of mind in the stillness of the postures themselves. To develop this, try and always keep your awareness tuned in to your breathing, and the sensations throughout the body as you practice.

There is a PDF guide to go with this sequence with the postures clearly represented  – send me a message from any of the pages, and I’d be happy to forward it to you, plus other yoga resources not available directly from the website: that also include an audio MP3 of this practice- so you can download it for easy offline use with the PDF, plus the separate music MP3s tracks that accompany this sequence.

If you wanted to practice this sequence without music, please click on the video at the bottom of the page.

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Thank you 🙏🏽 and enjoy being on your yoga mat!